Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Rapid Eye Movement

I saw R.E.M. at Les Nuits de Fouvière last night and it was by far the best concert I've seen all summer. Michael Stipe is quite the showman and has a rather good sense of humor (especially when Peter Buck had a problem with a guitar, so Stipe began taking questions from the audience to kill time. Too funny). Unfortunately, Anne-Laure couldn't attend (not her summer for making it to shows).

The band played quite a mix from their archive. Here's the setlist:

1. Living Well Is the Best Revenge
2. These Days
3. What's the Frequency, Kenneth?
4. Man-Sized Wreath
5. Ignoreland
6. West Of The Fields
7. Finest Worksong
8. Drive
9. Time After Time
10. Hollow Man
11. The Great Beyond
12. Driver 8
13. Houston
14. Electrolite
15. Imitation Of Life
16. The One I Love
17. I’ve Been High
18. Let Me In
19. Star 69
20. Horse To Water
21. Bad Day
22. I'm Gonna DJ

21. Supernatural Superserious
22. Losing My Religion
23. Country Feedback
24. Orange Crush
25. Man On The Moon

Monday, July 07, 2008

"Tonton Pee Pee"

Our good friend D.P. Rabalais visited us over the weekend before heading to Malmo, Sweden for work. It was somewhat of an unusual visit for many reasons:
  1. D.P. arrive with all of his luggage
  2. Never once did we see the sunrise or have a hangover
  3. Everyone was sick except me
Theo loved all of the toys that "Tonton" brought. His favorite has to be the toy Delta Air Lines pullback action plane...come to think of it, it's my favorite too.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

A Day at the Zoo

Yesterday, Theo and I went with his daycare on a field trip to the zoo in St-Martin la Plaine. After the hour-long bus ride, Theo got sick about 5 minutes before we arrived. Fortunately, I had taken a change of clothes (this same episode happened last year on the trip to the farm, but without a change of clothes…for either one of us).

Despite the heat and the crowd, all of the kids seemed to have a good time. The highlight was watching the gorillas get their snack in the afternoon. You can watch a video of the giant Silverback as he enjoys his carrots in front of children be clicking here. One of the more amusing moments is when a coati jumped up on a wall and stole a classmate’s backpack from where it was lying on the railing.