Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Big 'One'

Theo celebrated his first birthday (Aug. 18th) during our vacation on Île de Ré. He was amused by the presents, though he prefered playing with the packaging rather than the gift it contained. Since we were on vacation, the party was small. However, luck had it that family friends were vacationing in the area and joined us in the celebration.

Île de Ré was great and Theo enjoyed the surf and the sand. Our friends Pam and Vincent Balandras stayed with us for part of the time. Their daughter Léonore and Theo stared in constant wonderment as we pedaled by bike through the different ports of call and the various beaches located on the island.

To see more pictures of the trip, go to the Photos section of the site.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Shiny Shoes

Theo bought his first pair of "real" shoes today, since he wanted to run everywhere on Île de Ré.

He had a great first birthday and he enjoyed the beaches on the island. I'll be posting pictures of both events shortely.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

A Weekend Among Friends

Theo spent last weekend with friends. On Saturday, Armand came over to play while his parents enjoyed a nice dinner. On Sunday, Armand invited Theo over for a BBQ with Léonore. As you can see, Theo tried skinny-dipping for the first time.


Anne-Laure and I went to see Sting at Les Nuits de Fourviere on June 27. This series of concerts is great because it's held in the old Roman amphitheater in Lyon. The show was excellent, but it poured buckets the ENTIRE time.

I filmed the mayhem caused by the rain, which incidentally ruined my camera (even though it was covered in plastic). It took me a little while to find someone with a card reader to recuperate my files. Oh well, click here to download the movie (5 Mg).