China 2004

Orchids (7kb) All the rice you ever wanted (4kb) A butcher in Hong Kong (4kb) One fish, two fish, three fish, blue fish (3kb) Hong Kong from Victoria's Peak (21kb)
A typical parking lot (44kb) Nanjing Road in Shanghi (37kb) Shanghai at night (18kb) A factory that makes inflatable toys (34kb) The Grand Hyatt Hotel - the world's highest hotel (36kb)
Marie-Marselle having her picture taken with yet another Chinese kid (33kb) Another shot of Shanghai at night (35kb) Temple of Heaven (26kb) Temple of Heaven (18kb) The people's statue in Tiananmen Square (14kb)
Anne-Laure and me in Tiananmen Square (14kb) The Forbidden City (23kb) House in The Forbidden City (44kb) A dragon statue in The Forbidden City (36kb) Dragon carvings in The Forbidden City (32kb)
Taking a break in The Forbidden City (40kb) The Red Army (19kb) A Majong game in the streets on Beijing (33kb) Pagodas at sunset (19kb) The Great Wall (33kb)
Jean-rémi, Marie Marselle, Anne-Laure and me at the Great Wall (33kb) A group of kids on a field trip (36kb) A pogoda at the Summer Palace (26kb) The Summer Palace (41kb) A highly rated toilet (13kb)
A girl flying a kit in Tiananmen Square (13kb) A Budda (31kb) Anne-Laure and me relaxing (31kb) Buddhist praying (18kb)